Jeremy’s Priorities for GA-02

Jeremy understands the value and impact of Southwest and Middle Georgia’s agriculture community. He will defend our farmers from onerous government regulations, so that they can grow their crops without fear of government intimidation. Agriculture is Georgia’s #1 industry— it’s time that we put farmers first.

Jeremy will work hard to secure our streets, support law enforcement and end the crime epidemic in Southwest and Middle Georgia.

Jeremy is on a mission to make life affordable for Georgia families. He has seen, firsthand, the horrible impact of inflation and record-high gas prices throughout the district. He will fight to restock our store shelves, reduce prices and ensure economic prosperity for the next generation.

Jeremy wholeheartedly believes in the sanctity of human life. He will fight for the unborn and vote to end taxpayer-funded abortions. Jeremy will partner with churches and non-profit organizations to promote adoption, foster care, and crisis pregnancy centers.

After Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, it’s no surprise that the Taliban’s first move was to quickly confiscate weapons from the Afghani people. History has taught us time and again: freedom starts with the God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Jeremy will secure our southern border, keep America energy independent, and support our men and women in uniform. He believes in standing with Israel, building a strong military, and always putting America first.